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Adrian’s Pool Services are fully trained and licensed to carry out pool restoration servicing for both Residential and Commercial pools affected by natural disasters.

As preferred suppliers for several insurance companies, we have experience with cleaning and servicing pools as a part of the claims process. We work with your Insurance company to provide a customised recovery plan to get your pool clean and healthy in no time.



Compliant pool barriers help save lives by preventing young children from accessing swimming pools.

All pools including spas and some portable pools, must now comply with the pool safety standard.

The standard applies to homes with new or existing pools as well as short and long term accommodation premises. This includes new and existing pools in houses, unit complexes, hotels, motels, backpacker accommodation, caravan parks and mobile van parks.

Pool owners need to be aware that any person who props open a pool gate is liable for an on the spot fine of over $400.

What classes as a swimming pool?

A swimming pool is defined as an above or below ground structure principally used for swimming or bathing, including some models of portable pools and spas.

If your portable pool or spa can hold more than 300 millimetres of water then the laws apply to you. The pool laws don’t apply to fishponds, however, if you have a swimming pool that is now being used for another purpose eg. As a fishpond, it is still considered a pool and must have a compliant barrier.

Pool compliant checklist

If you are a pool owner, maintaining your pool includes more than just testing the water. Your pool fence or barrier must also be regularly checked.

There are strict laws about fence height, gate latches and other necessary inclusions, and you can learn more abouth these legal requirements with our east to use interactive pool compliance checklist. It will help you find out whether any areas of your pool barrier need attention by explaining some basic scenarios. Naturally we will always recommend you talk to a pool safety inspector if your are unsure or your circumstances require personalised advice.

Please visit the QLD Government pool safety checklist page.


Registration and certification requirements

Drowning is a leading cause of preventable death in children under 5 years of age, In 2012, the Swimming Pools Act 1992 was amended to improve the safety of children around swimming pools in NSW. The changes include:

  • Swimming pool owners must regiter their swimming pool or spa pool on the NSW Swimming Pool Register.
  • Local councils and accredited certifiers registered with the Building Professionals Board, can carry out inspections of swimming pools.
  • From 29th April 2016, a copy of a valid certificate of compliance or relevant occupation certificate mst be attached to new residential tenancy agreements to rent property with a swimming pool or spa pool. This requirement does not apply to a lot in strata or community schemes with more than two lots.
  • From 29th April 2016 a copy of a valid certificate of compliance or relevant occupation certificate, or a valid certificate of non-compliance, must be attached to the sales contract to sell property with a swimming pool or spa pool. This requirement does not apply to a lot in strata or community schemes with more than two lots, or for any of the plan contract.

Fencing Requirements

Owners of premises with swimming pools must:-

  • Surround their pools at all times with a child-resistance safety barrier separating the swimming pool from any residential building and any place adjoining the premises.
  • Keep all doors and gates providing access to the swimming pool closed at all times.
  • Have the required warning sign displayed near the pool.
  • Ensure fences surrounding pools are designed, constructed, installed and maintained to comply with the Australian standards for swimming pools.

Please visit the pool safety checklist page on the NSW Swimming Pool Register for further information.

We would be happy to help answer any questions you may have about Pool Safety and compliance. Call us today on 07 5599 1099.


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